Below are links to various websites which have been a great help to me in my studies. 

I currently use Wordsearch, Version 8, for studying and writing. I highly recommend this software for serious Bible study.

PC Study Bible

Bullinger's Number in Scripture

The timeless work of E.W. Bullinger; the entire book is online.

Kingdom Bible Studies (J. Preston Eby)

A brother in Christ who has wonderful insight into scripture. A lot of writings that will encourage and help you!

God's Kingdom Ministries

Dr. Stephen E. Jones, a brother in Christ who also has wonderful insight into scripture. His website contains a lot of material worth reading!

The Writings and New Testament Translations of Jonathan Mitchell

From Jonathan Mitchell - I want to share with you my passion for the Greek New Testament.  I have taken some bold steps to reveal to you its depth and richness, along with varying approaches to words, phrases and verses -- so that you, the reader, will have a greater participation in understanding our Lord, Jesus Christ, through the Greek Scriptures.

These studies and writings are interpretations considering the contexts, figures of speech, symbols, types of literature and cultural factors. I use Scripture to interpret Scripture, looking at the patterns of God's dealings as set forth in the Hebrew Bible.  Searching out the literal meaning of Greek words and endeavoring to minimize doctrinal bias, I depend upon the unveilings from His Spirit.  May this bless you in your search into the things of the Father, and to more authentically know the Truth, Who is our Life.


A great idea and a great company! All of my published works have been done through Smashwords. If you're thinking about writing and publishing, this is a website to check out!

The Word Bible Software

Another great source for Bible study software, available for free!

Hope Beyond Hell


A great source of information about the Hebrew day and calendar. Very informative!

Bible Numbers for Life - Mark H. Lane

No doubt, this is probably the most extensive work I've seen concerning the spiritual meaning of numbers. There is a great deal of information on this site about numbers which can certainly provoke you to thought in your studies.